Exchange visit in Aarhus

From 9 to 13 March, the almost 80 boys and girls that participated in the DECIDES Europe artistic workshops travelled to Aarhus for the project’s third and last exchange activity. During one week, students from the Bernat Metge Institute in Barcelona, El Brot in Madrid (Spain), the Matei Basarab College in Bucharest (Romania) and the Eriksminde Efterskole in Aarhus (Denmark) shared experiences and opinions about their work on the issue of gender-based violence prevention.

Many activities were organized during the week: debates, workshops, a visit to the Kvindemuseet i Danmark (Danish Women’s Museum) and even a visit to Eriksminde Efterskole to see how the students’ daily life. Two of these activities were highlighted: the “Sexism also parties” forum theatre performance by the girls and boys of Barcelona; and the exhibition “STOP! – Youngsters’ perspectives on Gender-Based violence” at the Women’s Museum by the Danish students.

Congratulations to all of them for a job well done!

Exchange visit in Bucharest

During the week of October 28th to November 1st, high school students from Barcelona, Madrid (Spain) and Aarhus (Denmark) traveled to Bucharest to meet the boys and girls of the Matei Basarab College, who have been conducting the theater forum workshops for the prevention of gender violence during the course of the past few months.

Throughout the week, in addition to visiting the school, the city, getting to know the culture of the country and participating in joint activities with the rest of the students, they attended the theater play that addressed different situations of conflict of violence, based in real life. After the outstanding representation, the experience helped to start exchanging ideas, approaches, experiences and good practices among all attendees.

Exchange visit in Madrid

The week of November 18th to November 22nd, students from INS Bernat Metge in Barcelona (Spain), College Matei Basarab in Bucharest (Romania) and Eriksminde Efterskole in Aarhus (Denmark) met again, this time in Madrid.

Throughout the week, the boys and girls fromthe El Brot Madrid School were in charge of receiving and welcoming the visiting students. During the first day, the visiting students learned about the facilities and methodologies of El Brot and in the afternoon three workshops were held; on percussion, neurodevelopment and prevention of gender violence, the latter being carried out by the Trabe Association.

The premiere of the theater forum play forum took place on Wednesday afternoon, and once again we could see the young people performing different gender violence scenes, as well as reflections on how to react in such situations. The following debate provoked great interest among the audience, still excited about the play, and it was especially interesting to see the different perspectives among young people from Denmark, Bucharest and Romania.