In this page you can find the handouts, manuals, reports and other publications containing information about related the project:

This handout provides information and suggestions on how to conduct forum theatre workshops for young people and presents the methodologies used as best practices to prevent and encounter gender-based violence.

  • Comprehensive Handout: Forum Theatre on Gender-Based Violence [PDF]

This manual aimed at school teachers provides basic information and suggestions on how to lead training and workshops, to equip them to teach about and deal with gender-based violence.

  • Manual: Training programme on Gender-Based Violence [PDF]

This document aims to harmonise a series of actions and provide a common framework for detection and clear action on gender-based violence among teenagers, supporting and protecting the entire educational community to enable high quality education.

  •  Action protocol for gender-based violence in adolescents [PDF]

Materials of the the exhibition STOP! – Youngsters perspectives on gender based violence in the Women’s Museum (Kvindemuseet)