Comprehensive Handout about Forum Theatre on Gender-Based Violence

DECIDES Europe has published a comprehensive handout with the purpose of explaining how to develop forum theatre workshops geared towards young and addressing gender-based violence.

In the framework of the DECIDES Europe project, a series of theatre forum workshops were held in 3 schools in Madrid, Barcelona (Spain) and Bucharest (Romania) with the aim of raising the awareness of young people about gender-based violence and sharing with them relevant information and tools to help them identify it, prevent and counter it.

As a result, Interarts has published on the project’s website the “Handout: Forum Theatre on Gender-Based Violence”. It provides information about the workshops and shares techniques and methodologies to enable institutions, especially schools, to organize forum theatre workshops on their own, with the best possible results.

Gender-based violence is a phenomenon deeply rooted in gender inequality and continues to be one of the most notable human rights violations within all societies. It is both a cause and a consequence of gender inequality. In the European Union, since the age of 15, 1 in 3 women experience physical and/or sexual violence [1]. Efforts to address gender-based violence must focus on young people through solution-focused and psychosocial approaches in order to empower them to engage in preventing and responding to gender-based violence.

Forum theatre is, originally, a tool for reflection and social transformation; a form of theatre that encourages audience interaction and explores the different options available to deal with a problem or issue. Due to its participatory characteristics, the DECIDES Europe project considers forum theatre as an exceptional tool to work with young people to create awareness about and tackle social problems. Indeed, the experience proves that through forum theatre, young people are able not only to explore issues related to gender-based violence that they may be confronted with in their lives but also to understand how to overcome them.

This comprehensive handout includes a selection of the best methodological practices used by Trabe (Spain) and Transcena (Romania) – project partners- during the forum theater workshops. A handout in Spanish and Romanian produced by these two associations are also available on the website.

The DECIDES Europe consortium remains hard at work amidst the current difficult situation and is carrying out the activities foreseen. It is implemented by Interarts and Trabe (Spain), Transcena (Romania) and Kvindemuseet i Danmark (Denmark). It is co-financed by the Equality, Rights and Citizenship program of the European Union.


[1] Source: European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Violence Against Women: An EU-Wide Survey – Results at a Glance – 2014