First training activity in Romania concluded

The first training activity of the project DECIDES Europe: Preventing Gender-Based Violence, the Youth’s Outlook, has been developed and completed in Bucharest, Rumania, in the dates of 15th, 22nd and 29th March 2019.

Led by Transcena, the Romanian partner of the project consortium, the training was entitled Domestic Violence and Gender Violence – Prevention and Mitigation and involved about 20 teachers and counsellors from as many teaching institutions teaching institutions.

In accordance with the project framework, whose aim is to contribute to the prevention of gender-based violence (GBV) by improving awareness of young people about all forms of GBV and providing tools to prevent, recognize and counter it, the three training sessions carried out in Bucharest started by exploring the definition of this peculiar kind of violence, its forms, causes and consequences. Afterwards, a judicial-institutional insight provided the participants with knowledge about national and international law concerning GBV, the rights of people who suffered from it and the responsible institutions and services for victims. Lastly, the third session of the training focused on capacity-building workshops that aimed at providing teachers with tools to understand their role in preventing and combating gender violence, to identify cases and potential victims and to organize classroom activities to discuss this delicate, crucial issue.

During the training, methods of non-formal education have been combined with discussions on different topics, encouraging participants to expose their ideas in a safe space and to debate on their prejudices and stereotypes regarding girls and boys, women and men, victims and aggressors. All the sessions had practical and interactive exercises which involved participants by stimulating their creative and teamwork skills.

The  general feedback turned out to be very positive. Indeed, all the materials were shared in electronic version with the attendees to have them as examples for classroom activities aimed at promoting gender equality and preventing GBV.

DECIDES Europe is a project co-funded by European Union’s Equality, Rights and Citizenship programme and implemented by Interarts (Spain), Trabe (Spain), Transcena (Romania) and Kvindemuseet i Danmark (Denmark).