Forum Theatre Workshops in Bucharest!

The DECIDES Europe – Preventing Gender-Based Violence: The Youth’s Outlook project has released a new video (English version).

The video illustrates the Forum Theatre Workshops that took place at the end of October 2019 at the Collegiul National Matei Basarab in Bucharest where young high school students came together to discuss gender-based violence (GBV) issues and to exchange their views as to the most useful prevention tools.

The workshops included 5 preparatory sessions to debate the key subjects of the project: gender-based violence, gender equality and, more specifically, domestic violence and intimate partner violence (IPV). During the workshops students received information about national and European legal framework as well as a historical background of the issue and real cases to study and discuss.

The preparatory sessions, that took place before the workshops, led to the creation of a script, which was then followed by 10 rehearsal sessions. The final rehearsal was done in the presence of school classmates in view of launching a debate and fine-tuning the performance.