Preventing gender based violence – workshops at the women’s museum

From September 2019 to March 2020, 15 workshops on visual arts will be held with students from the schools Eriksminde Efterskole, Sankt Knuds Skole, and Tranbjergskolen, about young people’s thoughts on prevention of gender-based violence. The 80 or so students taking part in the project are from completely different schools: Eriksminde Efterskole is a special Danish kind of boarding school, where you can spend 9th or 10th grade, and the focus of the school is on the creative subjects. Sankt Knuds Skole is a private school, and Tranbjergskolen is a normal public school. It is located in a disadvantaged area, and around 80% of the students are of another ethnicity than Danish.

The Women’s Museum has hired two artists, Tanja Nelleman and Lise Skou, to be in charge of the teaching. The gender perspective is broad: The students work with gender-based violence committed by men against women, and women against men, as well as hate crimes against transgender and homosexual people. It is about physical and psychological violence. In the workshops, the students immerse themselves in different issues and debates, and how we can work together to change them. Right now, they are working on billboards as an expression of art, and the students are in the process of making the pieces which will create the framework for the exhibition at the Women’s Museum. It opens March 5, 2020.