Videodocumenting the cultural workshops

DECIDES Europe has released on its website three videos that document the experiences of the participants in the cultural workshops organized on the issue of gender-based violence in youth. 

As part of the DECIDES Europe project, a series of cultural workshops were held in Spain, Romania, and Denmark to discuss gender-based violence, through forum theatre and visual arts, with young people. Now, the videos have been released as a tool for teachers, students, artists, and experts. The videos are available in Spanish, Danish, Romanian, on the project’s website.  

There are two videos about the forum theatre workshops organized in 3 classes, with 15 young students each, one in a school Madrid and in a school in Barcelona (Spain) and another in Bucharest (Romania)In the words of one of the students from the El Brot school in Madrid through theatre and with these scenes, whether you watch, or you perform them, afterwards you will recognize them in real life. If you experience or witness them at some point, you will identify and recognize the issue and prevent it from happening. Because you will think: “I’ve already seen this in forum theatre” and you will remember and say: “this is violence” and you will be able to avoid it and move away from it”. 

The third video summarizes the experience of the visual arts workshops held by Kvindemuseet (Women’s Museum) in Aarhus, Denmark, which involved the participation of over 80 students, and culminated in an exhibition titled STOP – Youngsters’ perspective on genderbased violence. “In Denmark, we often have that attitude that we are equal, and we are liberated, and that it is not a problem here in Denmark. But there are actually a lot of issues around gender-based violence,” says Anna Kathrine Svenning, Head of Education at Kvindemuseet 

In the next weeks, a handout will be published explaining the methodologies that have been used in the forum theatre workshops. It will be available for schools and other stakeholders to replicate the experience and execute their own workshops. 

The DECIDES Europe consortium remains hard at work amidst the current difficult situation. It is implemented by Interarts and Trabe (Spain), Transcena (Romania) and Kvindemuseet i Danmark (Denmark). It is co-financed by the Equality, Rights and Citizenship program of the European Union.