We go on a TOUR!

Within the project Preventing Gender-Based Violence, the Youth’s Outlook – DECIDES Europe the tour of the theatre forum piece created by the Romanian students and The Transcena theatre people took off the 3rd October 2019 and is in progress.

I felt amazing today and thank you again! This is one of the messages our young spectators sent us after the third show of our theatre forum play You decide for gender equality.

Transcena Association and the Romanian partner, The National College Matei Basarab, have a series of 10 shows of You decide for gender equality in 10 school – middle-schools and high-schools – in Bucharest, in Călărași, and Giurgiu county from October to November 2019. The theatre forum play was created together with 17 teenagers, students of The National College Matei Basarab, that are also the actors in the show. There will be another series of performances next year between February and March. Each performance is followed by a dialog with the audience about the situations presented. The strong point of the performance is the fact the students find the characters, the dialog and the conflicts very close to their experience therefore it is easy for our experts to bring in new valuable information about forms of gender based violence.