Youngsters take over the Women’s Museum

With performances in urban space and an exhibition at the Women’s Museum youngsters from Aarhus focus on gender-based violence as part of a wider EU project

Partner violence, digital sex offences, hate crimes and new rape legislation based on consent. All are words that have been occurring often in public debate and in information campaigns targeted young people during recent years. Words that are all related to the overall topic of gender based violence.

During the recent public school semester students from the 10th grade at Eriksminde School, Tranbjerg School and Skt. Knuds School have been working with artists Tanja Nellemann Kruse and Lise Skou to create artworks and performances about youngsters and gender based violence.

The cooperation now springs to life as the exhibtion STOP! – Youngsters perspectives on gender based violence, shown at the Women’s Museum from March 5th. In relation to the exhibition opening, the school pupils are doing five performances and happenings at various locations in Aarhus.

The exhibition and performances are based on the students’ work and their opinions and reflections on the subject of gender-based violence. The focus has also been on prevention and the creation of works to raise awareness of this issue and all its facets.


Source: Kvindemuseet i Danmark – Press Release